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Proposed Route 90 Improvements Unveiled for Input

For Immediate Release

Friday, May 5, 2023

Proposed Route 90 improvements unveiled for input

Winnipeg, MB – The design proposed to move Route 90 into the future is ready for Winnipeggers’ review and comment.

Phase 3 of the Route 90 Improvement Study launched today with the proposed design’s unveiling following years of public and stakeholder consultation.

The study began in 2018 with the goal of improving traffic flow and transportation options on Route 90 between Taylor Avenue and Ness Avenue, while also supporting development and the community.

The proposed design was developed based on what we heard from Winnipeggers through the first two phases of public engagement, as well as traffic data and engineering best practices.

It addresses both current and future traffic volumes and provides solutions to other known issues in the area, such as:

• Safely and efficiently moving people and goods

• Connecting the residential areas east and west of the Route 90 corridor

• Supporting social interaction, healthy lives, economic stability, and growth

• Providing accessible, connected transportati

on options for people of all ages and abilities

We want Winnipeggers to review and learn about the proposed design and tell us how it could change their experiences traveling through and living in the area.

Residents can provide input through an online survey until June 1, 2023 or by attending an open house May 18, 2023 at 6 p.m. at the Viscount Gort Hotel (1670 Portage Ave.).

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